Essential Features to Look Out for In A Health Insurance App

With the advent of technology, every task can now be done from your phone which previously required a computer. Mobile apps have made it simple to do numerous things right from the comforts of your home. But you require a well-built application that suffices all your requirements in one place. Similarly, getting your insurance-related needs in a single app can really be a lifesaver. But how do you pick one from an endless number of options? So, let’s look at some essential must-have features required in a health insurance app.

Suggests Suitable Insurance Policies

As every individual has different needs depending on their financial status, age, etc. their insurance requirements will also vary. Therefore, the medical insurance app should have all types of plans to help the user pick a suitable policy. So, you should look for an online application that can offer a variety of insurance plans. This is usually facilitated by providing the user with a questionnaire or a form to understand them better and suggest a policy. If you want coverage for your elderly parents, you will require a senior citizen insurance plan. Thus, the app should recommend you the best available senior citizen plan that will secure your parents.

Offers Seamless Claim & Renewal Process

A health insurance claim is a crucial part of having a policy which is why you need an app that does it with ease. A complicated procedure that has multiple steps to file a claim and get it approved can be a hassle. Thus, you need a seamless process that gets your claim settled in a couple of simple steps. Another important and essential feature is health insurance renewal. The online application must facilitate an easy way of renewing your policy so that you are covered before the due date passes. If you have both these elements that make your insurance claim and renewal procedure a cake walk, then that’s the app for you!

Quick Payment Options

Making your payments on time helps avoid missing the due date for your medical insurance. But this also depends on having simple payment options to suit your requirements. With the popularity of UPI (Unified Payments Interface) increasing, many individuals prefer how quickly you can make a payment with just a UPI PIN. So, ensure you have all types of choices such as debit and credit card, net banking, UPI, e-wallets, etc. Also, another important feature is the auto-renewal option which enables you to continue your coverage. Thus, you can set up an automatic payment system to avoid missing payments.

Book Doctor’s Appointment

Several medical insurance apps enable you to book online doctor’s appointment in case of an emergency. You can even schedule a physical appointment with a specialist with just a click. Many apps also provide users with a list of doctors to choose from according to the ailment. Filters and customisations help pick a physician located in your area with options to choose the consultation fees, specialisation and more. With such online appointment pre-booking options, you can skip waiting in queues and pick a timing that fits with your schedule. Therefore, get an insurance app that offers such a beneficial feature!

Provides Pharmacy Services

Everyone requires a monthly supply of medicines for certain ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes, and others. So, instead of purchasing it yourself from a pharmacy or ordering it online from a different app, get it done in your insurance app itself. Many insurers offer this feature to users and enable them to place online orders with their insurance app. Thus, you can get the required medicines delivered at your doorstep right the next day!

Allows You to Get Emergency Services

Some emergency medical services such as booking an ambulance, finding the nearest network hospital, etc. can come handy in the future. You never know when a need may strike, and you would require such features during an urgency. So, ensure your mobile application at least enables you to find a list of hospitals affiliated with your insurer. With this, you can have peace of mind knowing your app has got your back in case of an emergency.

You can now pick the best health insurance app with these must-have features! One of the popular apps, ILTakeCare offers you many lucrative options such as booking health checkup appointments, assistance with health-related queries, 24×7 doctor support, etc. So, get the most of your health insurance plan with ILTakeCare!

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