Mobile Banking: How to make the best use of it for secured financial transactions?

Smartphones are not just for communication anymore. They can help you do numerous activities like shopping, paying bills, researching, banking, and financial planning. With mobile apps, you can accomplish anything in the comforts of your home.

A banking app enables you to bank whenever and wherever with no restrictions. You can come across top online banking apps that are built to offer distinguishing features and benefits to have better control over your finances.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app is one among them, offering multiple features to help you give a better picture of your finances. By having a mobile banking account with IDFC FIRST Bank, you can carry out your financial transactions efficiently.

  • Check account balances

With a banking app, you get easy access to your savings or current accounts anytime, anywhere. The smart features of the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app help link all your bank accounts and view the balances on a single platform. You don’t have to log onto your account every time to check the balance.

The app allows you to know how much money you have in all your accounts at any given time. This helps you to plan your payments and next purchases and get organized.

  • Open zero balance savings account

A digital bank account enables you to be eco-friendly. You can go for a paperless online bank account opening with zero balance with the app. To start a bank account, you need to log onto the app, fill out the essential details, and submit them with documents like the scanned copies of PAN Card and Aadhaar Card or Voter’s ID. The process also requires you to complete the KYC process through a video call.

A new bank account will help you enjoy several benefits such as free coupons, cashback offers, higher POS limits, and free and limitless ATM withdrawals.

  • Transfer funds instantly

Most people use a mobile banking app to transfer funds. Online internet banking has gained much significance due to the convenience it offers to transfer funds from one account to another account or from one person to another person. You can use any of the fund transfer methods like NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS by adding a beneficiary.

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app also allows UPI integration to help you send funds using a unique UPI address.

  • Manage bill payments

With an online banking app, you can successfully manage your credit card or utility bill payments. There are tools to remind and pay your recurring bills before the due date without paying any late fee. To pay credit card bills automatically, you need to schedule or set up the payment. For the purpose, you can use the AutoPay or Ad Hoc option, which helps you to pay the bill amount or a certain amount every month.

You can receive alerts for payments due or get notifications for receiving payments on the app.

  • Categorize spending

There are budgeting tools, like filters and income and expense analyzers for identifying and categorizing expenses. With such tools, you can have a check on your spending and use excess money in your savings account to invest in equity.

Mobile banking apps are easy to use, for it offers simple navigation to find the features and tools. To know more about them, you can use the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app by downloading it on your smartphone.

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