Making the city and street a safer place with the Per Motorcycle Act

ต่อพรบมอไซค์  is compulsory motorcycle insurance that the traffic law demands that all motorcycles have to do. It is necessary to take care of medical expenses for the injured and extend the annual motorcycle tax. There have been hundreds and thousands of accidents on roads and motorcycles. It is the vehicle that does the most number of casualties. Medical bills are so expensive these days that you shall have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical expenses without insurance. The law also requires all drivers to act quickly, or they would be guilty.

Benefits of the Per Motorcycle Act: –

There are instances where the owners of two-wheelers have expressed their deep resentment at the fine’s massive amounts. However, the purpose of the rule appears to be taking its desired effects. In a concise time since its implementation, vehicle owners have genuinely realized that the steep penalties under different heads are not only exceedingly unaffordable but also unpayable instantly. In such a complex condition, the fast and quick option of surrendering the vehicle comes to their thinking.

Listed below are some of its benefits:

  • Traffic police do not show any mercy upon the rule offenders, and this makes the vehicle owners feel as if they are jolted by some sudden earthquake under their quivering feet. Under the act, people are registering and insuring their vehicles. It helps them to pay their fine and solve their problems instantly.
  • Some people who own old motor vehicles seem to have made up their minds to surrender their cars. This tendency is likely to reduce the number of vehicles moving on the road. Thus, there’s a good chance that traffic jams and mishaps will gradually decrease without any hitches. The law has strict guidelines for people riding old and discarded vehicles.
  • Under the law, broken vehicles are reduced to a considerable amount. In such a condition, the consumption of petrol will also lessen to a significant level. It shall also contribute to the saving of the fuel and conservation of the environment.
  • The school-going students will not use their two-wheelers with the same fervent zeal. They will have to catch other means of transportation. Besides, this will end the usual demand for widening the narrow roads if vehicles are not plying profusely.

With the implementation of the ต่อพรบมอไซค์, the public is feeling safe and secure at the roads again. One should follow up the acts and rules to avoid any mishappening and shortcomings.

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