Making Extra Money Is Easy If You Have Old Jewellery in Your Home

If you have broken gold and jewellery pieces that you don’t know what to do with, you can easily find stores that will buy that gold from you in any condition, and they pay top prices as well. In fact, selling old and broken jewellery and coins is a great way for people to make some extra money, and many people are surprised by how much money they make from doing this. You can walk into one of these facilities at any time, and they guarantee to pay you the best prices every time. In fact, many of these stores promise to pay you more than any other store for your gold, which means you’ll walk away from them knowing that you made as much as possible on the transaction.

No Need to Throw Out Your Jewellery and Coins

Old jewellery and coins can be worth a lot of money, so if you have these items hanging around your home, it behoves you to take them to a store and see what they can offer you for them. Gold is usually bought and sold by the gram, and depending on the carat weight of your gold, you can get roughly $21 per gram and much more, even for pieces that are broken and no longer usable. Buying and selling gold in Sydney is a lot easier once you find a professional facility that specialises in this type of activity, and most of them also offer pawn loans, privacy and security so the transaction is safe, and even cold, hard cash that they pay you right on the spot. They work hard to make sure the transaction is both simple and fast, enabling you to get the price you deserve without going through a lot of trouble.

Other Items Can Also Be Purchased

In addition to gold jewellery, many of these facilities also buy diamonds, watches, gold or silver bullion, and scrap gold pieces, so there is no such thing as the item being too small or not in good enough shape to make money off of it. Once you bring it in, the store’s experts will inspect and weigh it using scales that are guaranteed to be accurate, and they ensure the price they pay for your items is up to date and exact every time. They calculate their prices according to the New York spot gold price, and their websites always give you the most recent prices for both buying and selling your gold pieces. In fact, their websites give you a lot of the information you need before contacting them when you wish to buy or sell something, providing you with the peace of mind you need when you wish to buy or sell gold.

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