Industrial Hemp Leader element6 Dynamics Hosts Colorado Governor Polis and Strategic Partners at Its Expanded Processing Facilities

LONGMONT, Colo., element6 Dynamics (formerly Santa Fe Farms), announced today that it hosted Colorado’s Governor Polis and members of his team along with several strategic partners for a demonstration of its new industrial hemp processing equipment earlier this week.

element6 Dynamics is expanding its industrial hemp Farm Partner Program and hemp processing capabilities in the state of Colorado as part of their initiative to cultivate and process one million acres of industrial hemp by 2027. The company works with multi-generational farmers as well as Indigenous farmers to incentivize them to grow climate-smart commodities such as hemp for industrial partners. These climate-smart commodities are expected to increase the degree of sustainable components in products including plastics and paper.

element6 Dynamics CEO Kim Kovacs stated, “We applaud Governor Polis, his directors, and his staff for being here to acknowledge our commitment to job creation to build a vital new industry that helps address our planet’s carbon imbalance and creates responsible jobs.”

“Colorado was the first state to foster the growth of industrial hemp and permit hemp as an agricultural crop with benefits to our food supply industry, construction, energy, and more. I’m proud of the partnerships our state is cultivating with community-oriented companies like element6 Dynamics, the first major hemp company to work with the Southern Ute Tribe, and as a net-negative carbon business. I look forward to the vast opportunities that lie ahead to help our state meet bold climate action goals as we implement and evolve our state hemp advancement plan,” said Governor Polis.

About element6 Dynamics

element6 Dynamics [] (formerly Santa Fe Farms) is leading the growth and development of the industrial hemp industry at scale worldwide. element6 Dynamics is harnessing the power of science to regenerate the planet by addressing its serious carbon imbalance at scale. With plans to cultivate over one million acres of industrial hemp to sequester vast amounts of carbon and feed 60 processing facilities, element6 Dynamics’ impact on paper, plastic, and protein through corporate and university partnerships is unparalleled. element6 Dynamics will be both a net-negative carbon business and an important source of nature-based carbon offsets used by enterprises seeking to reduce their carbon footprint to meet ESG goals and/or regulatory requirements. For more information, visit

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