How Would You Switch Attorneys in the Middle of Personal Injury Cases in Philadelphia?

When attorneys are hired for fighting personal injury lawsuits, they are needed to be extremely knowledgeable, experienced as well as professional. Their competence is going to help you win your case and this also lets you obtain the compensation that you have been looking for. With the best ones like Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys, you can get all the benefits that one seeks to have.

Why do individuals switch personal injury attorneys?

There are many reasons for which one deems it right to change their personal injury attorney. Some of the most common explanations are:

  • You fail to develop any personal connection with the lawyer.
  • You lose faith over time over the lawyer.
  • The lawyer fails to communicate with you. They hardly return your calls, texts, or emails.
  • The lawyer seems very less interested in handling your case.
  • The lawyer and you disagree on different aspects in your case.
  • The case is taking a little longer than usual to get settled.
  • The lawyer you were working with died or was disbarred.

How is it possible to switch lawyers?

Here are some of the best possible ways of switching attorneys:

  • Finding a new attorney- You would definitely want to have a new attorney coming in terms with you before you even fire your old one. Your entire process of settlement might be stalled if you end the relationship with your current attorney and not having anyone new to replace them.

  • Retainer agreement- You will sign a retainer agreement with your attorney before you begin to work with them. This agreement is going to classify the contract terms and responsibilities that they will be having when they start working with you. This will also issue the current attorney the right to represent you in the court of law.

  • Attorney change- Your old attorney will be handed over several paperwork by your new attorney. They will also issue the same to the court as well as to the insurance company. These documents will state that the previous attorney is no longer in charge of your case and from here the new attorney will look over all the procedures.

The attorney change won’t affect your case but choosing a wrong one will definitely affect it. Hence, you must not hurry to make any decision and switch them only after assessing the entire process thoroughly.

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