Everything You Need to Know About the Top Three Things to Pawn

Pawning can be of any commodity ranging from gold to electric goods, tools, and more. Certain selective items will provide you with high value.

Not all the items have the same value, so it implies not all the items will provide you with big cash. You must know the demanding items to get them to the pawnshops. Want to know what exactly pawnshops demand more? Get ready to sell your jewelry or wedding rings. Read this article carefully to know more!

1.    Precious Metals

Precious metals tend to be easy commodities to be priced and sold in the market. Jewelry is in constant demand at pawnshops, especially if they are curved out of metals like gold and silver. The first reason being the ease of pricing and selling of precious metals. There also lay some other factors. Brokers at pawnshops appreciate precious metals over time which is another reason for considering precious metals. No matter what is kind of metal you pawn, they are likely to be tested to judge its melt value. Authenticity can also be done by performing a simple scratch test. Do not try to represent metals at pawnshops, as they hold several ways to check your metal’s authenticity.

2.    Gems

Gems come second in the list after precious metals. The higher the rarity, the higher will be the cash value. Always carry the certificates or the receipts while pawning gems at a pawnshop as they do not have any gemologist that could test its purity.

Have a look at some top gems to pawn for:


Among the world’s most popular gemstones, diamond stands out to be one of them. Its high polished structure and its advantage can be cut only with other diamonds make it perfect for jewelry. The factors that determine its cash value are cut, color, carat, and clarity.


Rubies are softer than diamonds, and their red tincture is due to the presence of traces of the mineral chromium. Rubies that are deep red with a slight hint of blue are the most precious.


Freshwater pearls account to be 95%, while the pearls produced from saltwater only account for 5% of the global pearl production. It is said that a natural pearl is incurred 1 among 10,000 wild oysters.

3.    Collectible Coins

Rare collectible coins are likely to fetch you a great cash value. Through a price guide or by checking the scrap metal value, brokers at a pawnshop readily identifies the value of your coins.

Check out some factors that affect the value of coins:


The number of coins produced is implied by rarity. Rarity also describes that how many of those coins are in circulation today.


The value of the coin increases when the demand for it in the market increases.


The coin’s value may also differ depending upon its condition.

Like precious metals and gems, coins also have authenticity check through the certificates or any receipt.

Summing Up

Not all pawnshops are likely to buy your precious commodities. They may just take it to provide you with a loan. Make sure you choose the correct pawnshop for your precious item and benefits.

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