Automated Crypto Approach by Dan Hollings

This article is about how crypto can be the key to your financial future, but only IF you have the right plan.

Let’s start with a very brief history lesson.

Like a lot of people, I heard about Bitcoin very early on in 2011, but was not impressed. I remember thinking at the time, “this seems silly, there is no way this thing will ever take off…”

I mean, if nobody owns the platform or runs it, how can it even work?

Little did I know…

Fast forward a couple years to 2017, and at this point Bitcoin went insane. It ran from $938 to almost $20k within a single year!

It was around this time that everyone suddenly took notice. There was simply no shortage of self proclaimed gurus popping up out of nowhere selling you the latest crypto fad including ICOs, staking, swapping, mining rigs, you name it…

And to be completely honest, almost all of these ‘get rich quick’ opportunities had no substance to them or value that you wouldn’t them with a million foot pole.

Those few crypto opportunities that did have some merit were more or less just stock market speculative methods applied to crypto.

So I still wasn’t interested at that point, because I didn’t feel I had an edge. Regardless of how hot or popular, if I didn’t have an unfair advantage, I just didn’t want to get in.

Crypto is the future, this much is certain. My reluctance had nothing to do with crypto’s prospects as a whole, it was more a question of how to actually get in.

On one hand, it sounds obvious, but actually it’s not that obvious.

At the high level, there’s two types of investors – your old standard buy and hold investor, and on the other, the market timers (swing traders, day traders).

The buy and hold strategy is perfectly smart. Why not? Even if you do nothing else, it is still smart to buy and hold it with the view that it will very likely hit astronomical heights in a few years.

The only problem with buy and hold is that it doesn’t necessarily change your everyday life because it’s delayed gratification (think years and years)!

On the other side of the spectrum are the market timers. These are the folks that try to figure out when to buy the dip and when to sell the high. I like to call this the “Nostradamus” approach, and if you know anything about Nostradamus, he was wrong more times than he was right! So market timing is challenging. Even the active fund managers lose money for their clients when timing the markets. But in theory, IF you could perfectly time when to get in and when to exit repeatedly, you would be insanely rich…but it’s insanely challenging.

Is there a way that you can have the best of both?

In other words, have a buy and hold strategy because you know eventually it’s going to go up. At the same time, still benefit from the volatility in the short term. Is there a way to do this while minimizing the risk and effort of the typical day trader?

In short, we want something passive while minimizing the risk and downsides.

Here’s the thing about crypto – when it is up, it goes up a lot. But when it drops, it goes down a lot too.

When it’s hot, it’s hot. When it’s not, it’s not.

That’s why it becomes dangerous unless you are only buying and holding long term.

But here’s a key insight – nothing just goes up and down. Rather it wiggles its way up and down.

So while on a macro level, it may be trending up or down, on a micro minute by minute level it goes up and down all the time!

Nowhere else is this volatility greater than in the crypto space. This is how Bitcoin was able to drop 30% four separate times while going from $938 to $19,000 back in 2017.

People see this and get scared. Volatility can be scary… unless you know to channel it properly!

This is where Dan Hollings comes in. He has come up with a system using automated bots that trade this micro volatility on a minute by minute basis, buying and selling, generating little profits that add up over time.

Dan calls his system The Plan, and already he’s taught it to thousands of students over the world who have all used his method to accumulate profits into their pocket regardless of market direction.

All of them are jumping on the crypto bandwagon, and slowly but surely, they are securing for themselves a bright financial future utilizing the crypto markets, both in the short term and also in the long term.

The one thing they have in common? A plan to execute. This plan took Dan 3 years and millions of dollars of testing, and now he is sharing it with the world, in the hope that everyone can benefit and plan a secure financial future for themselves and their loved ones.

For myself, Dan’s plan was a turning point. It finally convinced me to jump in, because it was the edge I’ve been looking for. I’ve documented my story and experience with Dan Hollings in detail, in the hope that it can be beneficial to you too if you are thinking of joining Dan’s students to achieve financial freedom with crypto.

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